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Review: Bom Bom Nilli Vanilli and Fully Baked Cream Liqueurs

Irish Cream isn’t the only way to have a boozy-creamy tipple after dinner. Bom Bom is a new brand (founded in 2016) that offers dessert-like cream flavors in a relatively low-alcohol product, but does it without any dairy products at all. All use unspecified Caribbean rum as the base spirit.

Bom Bom is available in three flavors; we tried two, including the newest, Fully Baked. Product details on both of the products received follow, along with our thoughts after tasting.

Bom Bom Nilli Vanilli – This is a blend of rum, almond milk, and flavors designed to taste like vanilla-caramel cookies. The pictures of wafer cookies on the label are an excellent analog for what’s in the bottle here, and the nose is particularly redolent of ice cream cones and vanilla custard. There’s more of a caramel and brown sugar note on the palate, with a moderate slug of cinnamon on the finish — almost horchata-like at times. The body is a bit chalkier than a dairy cream-based liqueur, but on the whole it’s more approachable than the dancing cookies on the label would suggest. 28 proof. B / $19

Bom Bom Fully Baked – The newest product in the lineup, this blends rum with hemp seed milk plus flavors that “blend chocolate chip cookie and brownie flavors.” The company notes that, despite the provocative name, there is no THC in the product. I was expecting cookies and brownies when I tucked into this, but what I got was closer to a PowerBar. It’s vaguely chocolate, but feels a little off — too earthy, too (pardon the pun) underbaked. Is that the hemp milk influence, giving this liqueur a weird, almost winey flavor at times, particularly on the finish? 28.4 proof. C+ / $19

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