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Review: Stubbees Bourbon Infused Honey

Way out in St. Augustine, Florida, you’ll find Stubbees, a honey producer with a product that should be of particular interest to the Drinkhacker crowd: Bourbon Infused Honey, “a bold blend of small batch crafted bourbon and floral honey. With help from bourbon aficionados, chefs and foodies alike, we’ve curated this Napoleonic inspired honey, a luxury all on its own. It’s perfect for glistening your meats as they roast, or giving a lavish flavor to your favorite cocktail.”

So: Put it in a boozy dessert, dollop it on your charcuterie board, or use it in lieu of another sweetener in your favorite cocktail. With just two ingredients (honey and “non-GMO bourbon”), how could anything go wrong? (Note: There isn’t much bourbon in the bottle as it doesn’t carry any alcohol labeling, but a warning on the label says it should not be fed to infants less than 12 months old.)

And really, it can’t: This is almost entirely composed of honey, and the bourbon influence here is extremely mild, just a hint of vanilla atop what is otherwise a flavorful and authentic but straightforward honey, without a whole lot of nuance or any particularly noteworthy tasting notes that you wouldn’t expect. The bourbon does thin out the honey a bit, making it easier to pour and a bit less messy, but come to think of it that’s nothing you couldn’t achieve on your own. Considering a bottle of Sue Bee in this size is about 5 bucks, you have to really like the presentation (which is nice) in order to make this investment worthwhile. Or more likely: You have to really like the person to whom you’re giving it as a gift.

Reviewed: Batch #1/8, 2017.

B / $22 (12 oz bottle) / stubbees.com

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Stubbees Bourbon Infused Honey



Christopher Null

Christopher Null is the founder and editor in chief of Drinkhacker. A veteran writer and journalist, he also operates Null Media, a bespoke content company.

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  1. Gayle Paul August 12, 2019

    Is this honey with small amount of infused bourbon or bourbon with small amount,of infused honey??

    1. Christopher Null August 12, 2019

      it is honey with a bit of bourbon; sorry if that is unclear.


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