Review: Wines of Veramonte, 2018 Releases

Review: Wines of Veramonte, 2018 Releases

Veramonte is a well-known producer of all manner of varietals in Chile, Here’s a look at four new releases, every one of them 11 bucks at most.

2017 Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc Casablanca Valley – Fresh and delightful, this is sauvignon blanc at its most balanced — briny, acidic, lightly fruity, and just a touch sour. Ample grapefruit and lemon notes segue to a melon character and a finish that echoes seaweed and ocean spray. If you want a budget wine that would pair perfectly with oysters, this is it. A- / $11

2016 Veramonte Pinot Noir Casablanca Valley – Surprisingly on point. A touch of meatiness balances a bold black cherry and brambly blackberry body, melding the DNA of a malbec with a lively, fruit-forward pinot noir. After the initial savoriness fades, the wine’s cherry-driven acidity really fires, finishing brightly with a hint of evergreen and lemon peel. B+ / $11

2017 Veramonte Carmenere Colchagua Valley – Very soft for a carmenere, without much of the characteristic meatiness typical of the varietal. It’s replaced in part by a leathery, tobacco character though the thin body doesn’t give it much to work with. A bit green with some pasture notes, it’s a pleasant sipper but lacks the body to really showcase what the varietal can do. B+ / $11

2016 Veramonte Cabernet Sauvignon Colchagua Valley – My least favorite of the bunch, but still approachable. Like the carmenere, this is very soft, very simple, and very focused on fruit. Juicy currants, blackberry, and some strawberry all make for a pleasant enough approach, but the density and tannin expected with cabernet isn’t to be found. Fairly sweet, with almond notes and some coconut character, the wine is more suitable for dessert than it is for a steak. B / $11

2017 Veramonte Carmenere Colchagua Valley




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