Review: Dulce Vida Paloma and Margarita

Review: Dulce Vida Paloma and Margarita

Austin-based Dulce Vida Spirits makes an exceptional line of tequilas, and the latest addition to the mix is this duo of ready-to-drink, classic tequila cocktails. Boasting “100% natural freshness,” these premixed cocktails are made with 100% agave blanco tequila, plus authentic ingredients — meaning real juice. So, hats off.

Let’s give these ready-to-go concoctions the old Drinkhacker try.

Both are 30 proof.

Dulce Vida Paloma – Made with tequila, grapefruit, lime, and natural flavors. It comes across as light in body, but legitimate, the grapefruit balanced by a significant sweetness that borders on brown sugaresque. The ultimate impact is a beverage that feels more like it was made with aged tequila, not blanco, though that’s rarely a bad thing. The tequila’s pungency could come through a bit more strongly for my tastes. On the finish, it’s find a bit of a salty character. B+

Dulce Vida Margarita – Made with tequila, lime, and orange liqueur — as authentic a ready-to-drink cocktail as you can get. Again, at just 15% abv, it’s not the most powerful cocktail I’ve ever had, but it’s got all the components in the mix: ample lime, herbal agave, and a hint of orange. Much less sweet than the Paloma, with a peppery bite on the finish, if only it was a bit more powerful I wouldn’t have a clue it wasn’t hand-made. A-

each $15

Dulce Vida Paloma




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