Review: Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash

Review: Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash

The latest in Captain Morgan’s hand grenade-styled flavored rums is this, Watermelon Smash, which is exactly what you think it is: Caribbean rum flavored with natural watermelon flavor and color.

No need to get too cute with this one: The watermelon flavor is authentic and sweet, closer to the real fruit than to Jolly Ranchers, all thanks to the miracles of science. It’s light on its feet, never weighed down by sugar, hinting just so at citrus notes. A decent vanilla note evokes the rum at the core of the spirit; on the finish it’s almost chocolaty, another pleasant surprise.

It’s a surprisingly worthwhile — and useful — shortcut of a product, as any home mixologist can be forgiven for not wanting to acquire, disassemble, and juice a watermelon just to make a tropical beverage.

50 proof.


Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash




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  1. Kathleen Zeno on May 30, 2019 at 5:39 pm

    I personally did not like it. Tastes too much like a jolly rancher to me. I prefer the cannon blast flavor.

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