Review: Bly Silver Rum

Review: Bly Silver Rum

Bly Rum is made by Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, the same crew behind Boyd & Blair Vodka. The rum is made from high-quality, locally-sourced baking molasses which is “gently stirred, heated, but not cooked or rushed to prevent scorching and a burnt tasting spirit.” The finished product is bottled as a white rum, unaged.

While Bly certainly doesn’t taste burnt in any way, it does show a lot of the hallmarks of young white spirits in general. Very sharp on the nose with notes of lemon peel and some grapefruit, it’s heavily astringent with a ton of fresh petrol character dominating. The palate is more friendly, with the hospital funk tempered moderately by notes of coconut and almond, finally showcasing some of the more classic elements of rum. It all leads to a finish that is relatively green, a bit leathery and with some mushroom notes, but with more fruit lingering on the back end than expected, along with a lightly sweet honey note.

Ultimately, this is a fair enough mixing rum, but its youth precludes it as a straight sipper. No doubt some time in barrel — even if it is filtered back to being a white rum — would go a long way toward tempering its inherent irritability.

80 proof.

B- / $20 / 

Bly Silver Rum




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