Review: Devils Backbone Pear Lager

Review: Devils Backbone Pear Lager

Devils Backbone Brewing Company has just released its Pear Lager in six-pack bottles. A lovely addition to the fruity beer shelf, this summer lager is one of their rotating seasonal lagers and is available from May through August. It’s a super refreshing golden lager with natural pear flavor that is remarkably understated in its use of the fruit.

On the lighter side of the beer spectrum, the pear cancels out any slight bitterness you may otherwise find in a pale lager. As well, the carbonation is restrained to a pleasant effervescence. This brew would taste great in any hot weather activity where drinking beer is something you like to do. I will look out for it next time I’m near water, and/or dripping with sweat, and/or in a bathing suit, sundress, shorts … you get the idea.

4.9% abv.

A- / $11 per six-pack /

Devils Backbone Pear Lager




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