Review: Rogue 10 Hop IPA

Review: Rogue 10 Hop IPA

Rogue’s 10 Hop IPA is less a celebration of hops and more a celebration of the number ten. Ten kinds of hops. 10.10% alcohol. Even 10 degrees Lovibond (a color measurement). All the hops come from Rogue’s own farm in Independence, Oregon: Liberty, Newport, Revolution, Independent, Freedom, Rebel, Yaquina, Alluvial, Adair, and Keven varieties, plus Rogue Farms Hopyard Honey, just because.

Those are some unusual hop varieties, and they make for an unusual beer. The honey is heavy, weighted down by the overwhelming alcohol level. Bitter but muddy, there’s a real barleywine character to this brew, with mashed-up notes of overripe red fruit, citrus peel, and some canned vegetable character emerging on the back end. That said, it’s charming in small portions: 22 ounces is far too much.

B / $9 per 22 oz. bottle /

Rogue 10 Hop IPA




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