Review: Kona Brewing Co. Gold Cliff IPA

Review: Kona Brewing Co. Gold Cliff IPA

Hawaii’s Kona Brewing Co. has launched a new beer — an IPA, of course — with a distinctly Hawaiian twist. The catch? In addition to Mosaic, Chinook, Topaz, and Citra hops, pineapple is added to the mix.

Pineapple is of course a natural companion to IPA, and the burst of sweet fruit is instantaneous on the tongue, really tamping down the bitterness of the hops. It’s a neat trick, but something’s a little off on the execution: The pineapple feels more dried than fresh, which lends a dusty character to the finish where a bold, juicy character might be more expected. That said, it’s still quite approachable and finds plenty to intrigue the palate. Beer drinkers who find standard IPAs too overwhelming may even prefer it.

7.2% abv.

B+ / $8 per six-pack / [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

Kona Brewing Co. Gold Cliff IPA




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  1. Kenton on January 31, 2023 at 1:14 am

    That’s a fairly accurate review when comparing to my subjective opinion. While I’ve had IPA’s with a better flavor profile, this may be one of the most drinkable IPA’s I’ve ever had. Especially considering it’s 6.7% ABV. Simply due to the drinkability and ABV, it may be my current favorite go-to.

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