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Review: Damrak Gin

Damrak is an old brand that tends to fly under the radar. I see it all the time, yet I’ve never really experienced it. Part of the Lucas Bols stable, Damrak bills itself as an “authentic” Amsterdam-based gin brand. With 17 (largely unlisted) botanicals and a juniper-restrained profile, it’s hardly a recreation of Tanqueray. But what, then, does Damrak actually taste like?

Let’s find out.

Damrak’s orange stopper should be a signpost: The nose of the spirit is massive with orange oil, a fresh citrus note that only gets stronger the longer the gin spends in the glass. Over time, notes of menthol/eucalyptus and more of a lemon-focused aroma come to the fore. The palate is as expected very fruit-forward, its big citrus notes coming off as somewhat sharp and almost spicy. The juniper element — absent on the nose — is more evident here, but only slightly, along with light herbal touches and some vanilla, which I wouldn’t be surprised to learn if it was one of the botanical ingredients. The finish: Clean but fairly uncomplicated.

Fans of Plymouth Gin will find plenty to like here, and at a very agreeable price.

83.6 proof.


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