Review: Bols Ginger, Mango, and Pineapple Chipotle Liqueur

Review: Bols Ginger, Mango, and Pineapple Chipotle Liqueur

Netherlands-based Bols continues its quest to dominate the world of liqueurs with three new offerings, including some unusual flavors in the mix. Let’s taste each of the trio, in turn.

Bols Ginger Liqueur – A budget alternative to Canton, this almost transparent (though hazy) liqueur has a moderately sharp nose of ginger, but the palate is quite restrained. That sharp pungency of other ginger spirits is lacking here, replaced by a ton of sweetness and a fairly light hand when it comes to the ginger root itself. That said, the ginger flavor — while on the lighter side — comes across as authentic and bright, and it should work fine in cocktails for drinkers looking for a more muted ginger influence. Mind that you dial down any sweet elements in your recipe as well. 48 proof. B / $15

Bols Mango Liqueur – Bright orange in color, the liqueur has the instantly candylike aroma of mango Hi-Chews, very sweet and juicy, suitably tropical, with a banana note beneath. I can see this working in any number of summery/beach/poolside cocktails, but again, pay attention to any additional sugar sources in your cocktail when working with it. 34 proof. B+ / $12

Bols Pineapple Chipotle Liqueur – Looks like Gatorade, but the aroma is hard to describe: vaguely tropical, with undertones of pepper and burnt-black sugar. The pineapple hits the palate first, but it’s closer to pineapple sorbet than fresh fruit or even candy, with a creaminess to the body. That peppery element rises up after a couple of seconds, but it comes across more as black pepper than chipotle, with a vague heat left behind on the back of the throat. A bit gritty and rough, it’s just too lacking in both the pineapple and the chile department to merit much in the way of serious usage. 34 proof. C- / $12

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