Review: Ballast Point Moscow Mule Ale

Review: Ballast Point Moscow Mule Ale

Ballast Point’s latest brew is decidedly experimental, and if it’s an experiment that resonates with you, I’d love to hear about it. Moscow Mule Ale is exactly what it sounds like: A sour ale spiked with ginger and lime, giving it the semblance of a Moscow Mule cocktail. All of those elements are in effect and in your face here, the spicy ginger providing an instant rush of heat, the lime puckering the mouth with sourness, and, most of all, the sour ale underbelly providing a lingering, enduring funk that takes the sour lime and slowly morphs it into a weedy mushroom note that grips the palate for what seems like hours.

Not for me.

10% abv.

C- / $15 per six-pack /

Ballast Point Moscow Mule Ale




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