Review: Pyramid Outburst Berry Tart IPA

Review: Pyramid Outburst Berry Tart IPA

The name’s a bit misleading: Pyramid Outburst Berry Tart is not particularly tart (aka sour) at all. Rather, this beer takes Pyramid’s Outburst Imperial IPA and adds in hibiscus, cranberries, and black currants to give it a fruity kick. While designed to be “adventurous,” Outburst Berry Tart is surprisingly tame, with an initial rush of earthy/piney notes that would be familiar to any IPA fan. The fruit doesn’t really hit until the finish, which is appropriately fruity with red berries, though it’s not immediately clear which type. A twist of orange peel and a hint of florals round out a bitter but bright finish.

6.5% abv.

B+ / $9 per 6-pack of cans /

Pyramid Outburst Berry Tart IPA




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