Review: Endless Summer Rum

Review: Endless Summer Rum

If you’ve never seen The Endless Summer, it’s a movie about surfing. (Sorry, spoiler.) There’s probably not a much more appropriate theme to tie a bottle of rum to — and the label even evokes the key art for the movie.

Endless Summer Rum is distilled in Barbados, “using a blend of rums from two column stills as well as a copper pot still in order to achieve the crisp, clean and exceptionally smooth qualities of the essential silver rum.” It is bottled without barrel aging.

Also worth noting, ESR donates to environmental charities and, in June, its founder Matti Christian Anttila will be paddleboarding from the Bamahas to Florida as part of the Crossing For A Cure event, a charity benefiting Cystic Fibrosis. While we don’t review charitable endeavors, it certainly never hurts when your booze brand does something good.

Let’s give Endless Summer Rum a try.

For an unaged rum, this is a real surprise. The nose is fresh and lively, with clear coconut notes and hints of citrus. The palate sees some of the raw power and heat one expects to find in a young white rum — but it’s well-tempered by notes of milk chocolate, vanilla, some cinnamon, and more of that coconut flavor. The finish is easy and uncomplicated, making this a rare white rum that can be just as easily sipped on neat as it is mixed into a cocktail.

An insanely good value.

80 proof.

A- / $15

Endless Summer Rum




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