Review: Till American Wheat Vodka

Review: Till American Wheat Vodka

Indiana’s MGP continues its push into original spirits — rather than providing material for third-party products — with Till, its first vodka.

Till is made not in MGP’s Indiana facility but in Atchison, Kansas, from Kansas wheat “sourced from the best farms in the region and … distilled using a proprietary process perfected over 75 years.” Additional production details are unavailable. (They’re proprietary!)

Let’s give Till a try.

The nose is clean, sharp and fresh with an appropriately astringent hospital overtone, and some mild hints of black pepper. On the tongue, more of the same — bold and fresh astringency, with just a hint of sweetness that’s powered by a fruity character (strawberry, perhaps) clinging to the back of the palate. The vodka finishes clean, though again slightly sweetly, more marshmallow here than red berry.

I can’t complain too much: It’s a solid sipping vodka with plenty of versatility to work in just about any cocktail application you might require.

80 proof.

A- / $25 /

Till American Wheat Vodka




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