Review: Rogue Paradise Pucker

Review: Rogue Paradise Pucker

This sour ale from Oregon’s Rogue Ales is quite the concoction, brewed up with passion fruit, orange, and guava juice. Is this the recipe for paradise? It’s quite an oddity either way, kicking off the wild ale with an intensely sour attack, tightly vinegared with red wine notes, that impression driven by the ample dosing of POG fruits. While the orange adds a ton of acidity and the passion fruit kisses at florals, it’s the guava that is the most impactful, giving the beer a lingering melon character that complements the sourness fairly well.

As sours go, this is hardly a traditional tipple, but it’s nothing if not unique.

6% abv.

B / $7 per 22 oz bottle /

Rogue Paradise Pucker




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