Review: Bass Note Sangria

Bass Note is a new line of sangrias with a focus on the exotic. Rather than red wine and oranges, Bass Note loads up on combinations of fruit juices and unusual extracts, including herbs and nuts in the mix, all blended into grape-based wine.

Three expressions are available. We tried them all (over ice, as directed).

Each is 11% abv.

Bass Note Blackberry Sage Sangria – The extreme berry attack — super-sweet, with an almost chocolate character — takes a wallop from a fistful of sage, giving it a monstrously herbal character on the finish. Somewhat chalky in texture, the flavors don’t totally gel for me. B-

Bass Note Cherry Lime Almond Sangria – Heavy on the cherries — with an almost strawberry sweetness — plus just a spritz of lime zest. The almond character is fleeting and limited to the finish, which has some of that cheap red wine funk to it, but is otherwise approachable and light on the tongue. B

Bass Note Peach Tarragon Sangria – I didn’t have high hopes for this, but the white wine base makes for a natural companion for the significant peach character that isn’t far behind. I was put off by the idea of tarragon in my sangria, but it’s restrained enough here to give just a slight herbal edge to the fruity attack. Probably my favorite of this bunch. B+ [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

each $13

Bass Note Peach Tarragon Sangria




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