Review: Samuel Adams New England IPA and Boston 26.2 Brew

Review: Samuel Adams New England IPA and Boston 26.2 Brew

Sam Adams has two new brews arriving, one of which you’ll want to make part of your regular rotation, one a special release with charitable aims. Let’s look at both.

Samuel Adams New England IPA – It’s only fitting that Boston-based Sam Adams would jump on the hazy “New England style” IPA bandwagon, and this expression fits the bill quite admirably. Juicy and hazy, as it should be, though the fruit level doesn’t quite approach the “bomb” moniker. Instead, this New England IPA finds a balance of lemon, grapefruit, and mango notes, folded together with a dusting of piney hops. Solid stuff, and a very good example of the style. 6.8% abv. A- / $10 per four-pack of 16 oz cans

Samuel Adams Boston 26.2 Brew (2018) – This is an annually-released, lower-alcohol gose-style beer brewed each year (since 2013) to be released in time with the Boston Marathon, with profits donated to the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center for Adaptive Sports. This year it is available in bottles for the first time, as well as in select Boston bars. As a beer, it’s nothing fancy, but it’s probably just the kind of thing that would hit the spot after running a marathon, with crisp notes of citrus atop a wheaty backbone. The finish is particularly biscuity, though not in any kind of oppressive way. More refreshing than a traditional witbier, it’s designed with simplicity — and, likely, celebration — in mind. Drink all you want. 4.5% abv. B+ / $NA per 25.4-oz bottle

Samuel Adams New England IPA




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