Review: Godelia 2015 Godello-Dona Blanco and 2012 Mencia

Review: Godelia 2015 Godello-Dona Blanco and 2012 Mencia

You’ll find Godelia in the Bierzo region of Spain, north of Portugal, near the Rias Baixas region. Some details:

Godelia is a relatively young project, at least in its present form.  Over half of Godelia’s 86 acres of vineyards were planted in 1989.  Yet, the remaining 40 acres feature 100-year-old bush vines planted on the best, rocky, high altitude slopes of Spain’s Bierzo D.O.  Local resident, Vincente Garcia Vasquez purchased the Godelia estate in 2009. The name ‘Godelia’ is Vincente’s invention.  It is a made up contraction of Godello (being the native white grape variety of Bierzo) and Lias (lees).

Godelia sent two of its wines, a white and a red, for our consideration. Thoughts follow.

2015 Godelia Godello-Dona Blanco Bierzo – 80% godello, 20% dona blanco. This lemony, lightly creamy wine could pass for any number of simple whites, and with its modest acidity and grassy approachability, it pairs well with a wide range of foods. B+ / $17

2012 Godelia Mencia Bierzo – Fruity and somewhat soft, this cherry-forward wine melds notes of fresh berries and graphite into a cohesive whole, with hints of vanilla, supple wood, and, quite intriguingly, green banana. A great value choice for a comforting Sunday dinner. B+ / $19

2015 Godelia Godello-Dona Blanco Bierzo




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