Review: Crispin Rose Hard Cider

You’ve got rose wine, why not rose cider? That’s the thinking anyway behind Crispin’s latest, a new year-round cider that is made from “real rose petals, hibiscus, and an elegant blend of fresh-pressed juices made from hand-picked apples and pears from the Pacific Northwest.”

Unabashedly designed with women in mind, Crispin Rose is indeed quite floral, with an indistinct red flower note that, in the end, aligns itself more with the hibiscus than the rose petals. The apples and pears here are semi-dry, with just a hint of sweetness — not enough to dim the flowery notes, nor enough to make a somewhat muddy, twigs-and-stems character disappear.

While it’s hard not to love the pink color, the finished product is much muddier than I’d like — though, when amply chilled, drinkable enough.

5% abv.

B- / $10 per six-pack /

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  1. neandrewthal March 2, 2018 / 7:47 pm

    Blech! That sounds absolutely disgusting.

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