Review: MarieBelle x Reserva de la Familia Chocolate Box Set

Review: MarieBelle x Reserva de la Familia Chocolate Box Set

In partnering with chocolatier MarieBelle, Jose Cuervo has created a limited edition of “luxuriously decadent ganache chocolates,” a mix of dark and milk chocolates that are infused with Cuervo’s extra anejo Reserva de la Familia tequila.

This isn’t Cuervo’s first spin with a chocolate producer. Last year, the company released a delightful (but different) collection in conjunction with Tcho.

As noted, the collection of squares combines both milk and dark chocolates (a handy map explains which is which, based on the artwork on top), and both are equally delightful. Bursting with cocoa flavor, the slightly fruity chocolates are pure, fresh, and lightly chewy thanks to an ample amount of ganache in the filling. Ultimately I had trouble picking a favorite between the two styles and found it more fun to pick them at random.

The bad news? What I didn’t get was any sense of tequila in these chocolates, even after polishing off half the box. Quizzing friends on what spirit might be infused within the confections (when tasted blind) never once elicited “tequila” as a response. So, bad news if you’re looking for a little agave punch in your chocolate squares… but good news if all you really care about is having an amazing bite of cocoa to nosh on.

A / $55 per box of 16 chocolates /

MarieBelle x Reserva de la Familia Chocolate Box Set




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