Review: Coravin Aerator

Review: Coravin Aerator

The Coravin system is one of the biggest advances in wine dispensing, solving the problem of how to drink a glass or two of wine from a pricy bottle without having the rest of it spoil. But what if it’s a wine that needs aeration? Dealing with the Coravin is a two-handed process, so you could pour it into a decanter (which seems silly for a single glass), or get a friend to help you with a handheld aerator. Of course, if you had a friend handy, maybe you would just open that bottle of wine instead of using the Coravin…

Anyway, Coravin solves this problem in the form of a new attachment, the Coravin Aerator, a small gizmo that attaches directly to the dispensing nozzle of the Coravin itself. A rubber seal keeps things airtight as you dispense directly from the Coravin. As the wine passes through the aerator, it jets out in a spray not dissimilar to a typical shower.

Results in my testing were excellent. Wine was effectively aerated, rendering a tight cabernet instantly drinkable, and the spray was easy to control, jetting straight into my glass without a spill. And critically, the device did not drip after use.

The downside: At $62, the Coravin Aerator is wildly overpriced, considering its simplicity and the fact that it has no moving parts at all (there’s no adjusting the flow or anything along those lines). I’d heartily recommend it to any Coravin fan… if the price came in at around 20 bucks.


Coravin Aerator




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