Review: Bedtime Bourbon 8 Years Old

Review: Bedtime Bourbon 8 Years Old

What if I told you a company was making an eight year old Bourbon that was sourced from Tennessee, and that it was on sale exclusively in Kentucky? I’m not crazy, I’m just sampling Bedtime Bourbon, which is being produced by the Louisville Bourbon Transit Company, a tiny outlet that recently opened up shop here.

Here’s a look at batch #1 of Bedtime Bourbon, which is composed of just four barrels of whiskey, with 840 bottles produced.

This is a perfectly workable and enjoyable bourbon, though experienced whiskey drinkers will find that it keeps things on the safe side. The nose is lightly grainy, with notes of chocolate, ample vanilla, and plenty of caramel corn notes to get things started. The palate is sharp and a bit citrusy, with those caramel corn notes — not too young, not too old — dominating as the palate develops. On the finish, a bit of mint melds nicely with the chocolate notes, giving it a cohesive and appropriately dessert-like conclusion.

All told, like I said earlier, it’s a “safe” bourbon, but one that certainly gets a lot of things right by not toying too much with the script.

90 proof.

A- / $50 / 

Bedtime Bourbon 8 Years Old




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