Review: Haikara Momo Asian Peach Sake

Review: Haikara Momo Asian Peach Sake

Flavored sake? It’s coming to our shores, starting with Haikara’s Momo, flavored with Asian peach juice. Some details:

Umenoyado produced Haikara Sake in effort to embrace America’s increased appreciation of Japanese culture & traditions while adapting the way Americans see and drink sake. Haikara’s flavor profiles as well as the packaging was created for a more approachable perception among Americans and therefore bringing an even greater appreciation. Haikara sake is currently available in two flavor expressions using Japan’s native fruits: “Momo” and “Yuzu.”

Haikara was created with endless mixing capabilities in mind. Crafted to be enjoyed chilled, over ice, or used to compliment [sic] cocktails, Haikara hopes to provide something for everyone and even to further grow the love of sake.

This delightfully cloudy, peach-hued concoction is clearly intended as an alternative for the white zin set. Impossibly sweet on the tongue, it’s like drinking the pure essence of fruit, with a healthy dollop of sugar syrup dropped into the mix. The sake component is evident more on the nose, which features that classic sake aroma of melon and almond milk, and on the finish, which offers hints of spice and more honeydew, particularly on the fade-out. That said, what’s left with you throughout is a metric ton of sugar, which is fine and good for a small glass of the stuff, but which becomes overwhelming after more than that.

12.5% abv.

B / $35 (720ml bottle)

Haikara Momo Asian Peach Sake




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