Review: Casamigos Tequila Anejo

Review: Casamigos Tequila Anejo

You may have heard over the summer that George Clooney sold his start-up tequila company, Casamigos, to spirits industry titan Diageo for an amount approaching a billion dollars. That’s right. A cool billion. While that price seems high, it’s reportedly the fastest growing super-premium tequila brand in America. We’ve already reviewed Casamigos Blanco and Reposado, and we liked those tequilas well enough — but we wanted to evaluate all of what Diageo is getting for its money, so we finally cracked our bottle of Casamigos Anejo.

This tequila is the same seven-year-old highland agave found in the other two expressions, with the only difference being that it was aged in used American whiskey barrels for over a year. It has a great pinkish, gold color. The nose is full of buttery vanilla, confectioner’s sugar, citrus, and sandalwood. On the palate, notes of cinnamon sugar, pineapple, and sweet corn cakes are balanced nicely with subtle oak, mild pepper, and a lingering smokiness. The finish is decently long, with fading sugary cinnamon and tobacco notes. It’s not as creamy as the nose suggests, and it’s a bit sweet for my taste, but overall, Casamigos Anejo is a great sipping tequila and probably the best of the range.

80 proof.


Casamigos Tequila Anejo




Drew Beard is assistant editor for Drinkhacker and winner of several booze-related merit badges, including Certified Specialist in Spirits and Executive Bourbon Steward. A former federal employee turned hotelier and spirits journalist, he looks forward to his next midlife crisis.


  1. Thomas on July 11, 2019 at 9:02 pm

    You are clearly being paid. You’ve given all the good tequilas poor ratings and all the tequilas with the big bucks behind them good ratings.

    • Christopher Null on July 11, 2019 at 10:23 pm

      I can assure you we’re not being paid — but I’m curious what the “good tequilas” are!

  2. Lupe Esparza on March 14, 2021 at 5:10 pm

    Celebrity tequilas are just glorified failing distilleries selling their production or installations to some gullible performers. Casamigo’s old NOM was 1416 and it suspiciously still tastes very much like the much cheaper Alacran.

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