Review: Koskenkorva Vodka

Review: Koskenkorva Vodka

Koskenkorva vodka hails from Finland, where they’ve been turning a local barley mash into this white spirit since 1953. Only now is the vodka finally available in the U.S. thanks to an import deal with Infinium Spirits.

As vodkas go, Koskenkorva is something of an oddity. I was expecting a bold, Old World style vodka, with a bold medicinality, but was surprised by a big, marshmallow-like character on the nose with notes of banana and some coconut — fruity and sweet to the point where it comes across a bit like a white rum. The palate is a bit more traditional and representative of vodka, lightly astringent but still plenty sweet. The fruity notes are more elusive here — with banana still present but some vague tropical character replacing the coconut — but still in effect, particularly on the finish, which isn’t so much bracing as it is lightly sweet.

The entire package is a bit sugary for my tastes, but it should mix well enough to merit a peek.

80 proof.


Koskenkorva Vodka




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  1. Bernardo on November 20, 2017 at 7:15 am

    This is actually Finlandia vodka with sugar added to it to make it suitable for Finnish tastes. I thought it was strange when I saw it appear in my distributor’s portfolio because Finlandia is already available and at a lower price, too.

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