Review: A Year of Good Whisky Page-a-Day Calendar 2018

Review: A Year of Good Whisky Page-a-Day Calendar 2018

This sounded like the perfect idea. Why hadn’t it been done before, I wondered. A rip-off-the-pages daily calendar featuring nothing but whisky. Genius!

Well, great idea though it may be, the execution of this calendar is lackluster at best. What I was hoping for was a calendar which would feature a different spirit, hopefully letting the reader discover something new or unusual over the course of the year.

A Year of Good Whisky is not that calendar.

Instead, it’s a compilation of whisky trivia, basic whisky knowledge, food pairings, and the occasional tasting note sprkingled in. None of the whiskies covered in the tasting notes are anything out of the ordinary, unless you consider Teacher’s Highland Cream or Ballantine’s Finest to be rarities. The trivia and fun facts are decidedly simplistic; in flipping through the entirety of the calendar, I’ve yet to encounter much that I didn’t already know. Of course, your mileage may vary, but I expect Drinkhacker readers to be well beyond what this calendar has to offer.

As well — and this is bizarre to say since I realize we are talking about a calendar — the writing isn’t very good. The brief writeups are written in a staccato, stilted tone that feels like it was translated into English from something else. It’s only a hundred words or so each day, but it’s an off-putting way to ease into your morning… even if it does mean you get to read about whisky.


A Year of Good Whisky Page-a-Day Calendar 2018




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