Review: The Naked Turtle White Rum

Review: The Naked Turtle White Rum

The Naked Turtle is a new rum brand hailing St. Croix, where molasses is distilled five times and bottled completely unaged — “naked,” as the distillery says. Also of note, the company is involved in a serious conservation effort involving turtles: For every bottle of The Naked Turtle White Rum sold, it donates to the Sea Turtle Conservancy to save baby sea turtle hatchlings. So far over 250,000 turtles have been saved since 2012, per the company.

As for the rum itself, it’s a sweet operator with few surprises in store. The nose is heavy with marshmallow and butterscotch notes — extremely sweet at first blush, with just a hint of tropical fruit underneath. The palate largely follows suit, with few mysteries revealed: Pure sugar, more butterscotch, and moderate vanilla notes all come to the fore. You’d expect to find a significant amount of fuel-like burn on an unaged rum like this, but The Naked Turtle has so much added sugar that it isn’t harsh or overpowering in any way. That’ll either be a plus or a minus depending on your perspective, but one thing’s for certain: At least it’s cheap.

80 proof.

B- / $10 

The Naked Turtle White Rum




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  1. Gloria Whatley on October 28, 2020 at 1:29 pm

    I can’t seem to find naked turtle white rum anywhere everyone says out of stock is the company not makimg the naked turtle white rum anymore

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