Review: 2016 Bee’s Box Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Review: 2016 Bee’s Box Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Yet another sub-label from Francis Coppola (this one’s actually a sub-label of a Virginia Dare, itself a sub-label of Coppola), here comes Bee’s Box, a wine intended to honor our flying friends.

We checked out two bottles from the inaugural vintage, both with California appellations. Thoughts follow.

2016 Bee’s Box Chardonnay California – Includes 5% chenin blanc. Very buttery, with a ton of apricot notes along with some banana. The finish is a little green and pungent with vanilla, culminating in a rush of orange-driven citrus notes. Simple, and largely what’s become expected of the Virginia Dare lineup. B / $19

2016 Bee’s Box Pinot Noir California – A rank-and-file California pinot, undistinguished by much except for some gentle cola and licorice notes on a palate that is — mercifully — modest when it comes to being dosed with sweetness. The finish finds some cloves and more of a vanilla influence. B / $19

2016 Bee's Box Chardonnay California




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