Book Review: Tasting Beer

Book Review: Tasting Beer

Randy Mosher’s been drinking beer for longer than most of us have been alive, and with the second edition of Tasting Beer, he revamps his intense and intensive guide to the way it should be consumed.

Note that this is a book for the professional, or at least for the wannabe professional. If you really want to geek out on beer, this should probably be your first stop.

Naturally, Mosher spends significant time going through the basics of brewing and the necessary historical lessons before delving into the good stuff: What are the flavor elements of beer? How are they best described? How is it best consumed? We’re talking about glassware, serving size, temperature, carbonation levels. There are worksheets.

About a third of the book, the last bit, covers beer styles in detail, broken down by region. If you don’t quite understand the difference between a Scottish Heavy and a Wee Heavy, Mosher will set you straight.

The writing is brisk and lively throughout the book, but it’s all in service of the greater good: Giving you a deeper understanding of beer. How it is made, sure, but more importantly, whether what you are drinking is any good.


Tasting Beer




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