Review: El Tesoro Tequila Reposado

Review: El Tesoro Tequila Reposado

Carlos Camarena is an icon of the tequila world, and of the several brands he shepherds, El Tesoro is his baby. A few months back I had the pleasure of dining with Camarena and hearing all about how this tequila is made, from harvest to bottling, and today we finally take a formal look at one of El Tesoro’s bottlings, its well-regarded reposado, which spends a lengthy 11 months in barrel before bottling.

The tequila offers a classic nose of vanilla well-mixed with pungent agave, with a healthy subtext of orange peel. On the palate, it’s aggressive for a reposado, with loads of peppery agave, notes of sage and thyme, and — finally — a cool vanilla layer that washes over as the finish starts to take hold. Warming but balanced, the drinker is left with notes of milk chocolate, some coconut, and a grate of nutmeg to reward his efforts.

Quality stuff.

80 proof.


El Tesoro Tequila Reposado




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