Review: Chapter 7 Highland Single Malt Whisky 19 Years Old

Review: Chapter 7 Highland Single Malt Whisky 19 Years Old

Chapter 7 is a newish independent bottler (established only in 2014) that has released only a couple dozen indie Scotch releases to date. Many of these are distillery-labeled, but this one, among its latest — and newly available in the U.S. as an exclusive for us Yankees — is a 19 year old with unstated provenance other than that it hails from The Highlands of Scotland.

This is my first go-round with Chapter 7, and based on this release they sure seem to know what they’re doing. The nose of this cask strength release is loaded up with sherry-driven citrus, nutty almonds, heather, and nougat, sharp with alcohol as well as oily orange notes. The palate segues into some tropical character, featuring mango notes, ripe banana, and coconut, before building up notes of cocoa powder, sweet white wine, and a touch of floral character. The finish is long, soothing, and gentle, even at full strength, without water.

Deeply complex and loaded with layers and layers of flavor, this is a whisky to seek out — and to savor.

112.4 proof.


Chapter 7 Highland Single Malt Whisky 19 Years Old




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  1. Selim Evin on January 16, 2018 at 7:34 am

    Dear Christopher,
    Thank you for reviewing one of my editions and I’m very happy that you liked it. Hope some of the newer editions will find their way in to your sample collection!
    All the best,

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