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Review: Stone Jindia Pale Ale

Look closely at the bottle of Stone’s latest release: There’s an extra “J” in front of the India, making this a Jindia Pale Ale. What’s a Jindia Pale Ale? It’s a Double IPA infused with juniper, ginger & lemon peel.

It’s a kooky spin in IPA. Instead of citrus and piney notes, the beer is instantly floral and loaded with clear gingerbread character — literally like biting into a cookie. There are pros and cons to this, as the notes of rose petals, which hit first, give the beer a feminine quality, while the ginger makes it taste more like dessert. The most elusive property here is actually the juniper — though when mixed with hops it seems to be responsible for giving the beer its floral notes. The finish isn’t so much bitter as it is lightly bittersweet, here showing off a squeeze of lemon, but with those florals hanging in for the long haul.

This is a one-off from Stone, and while it’s worth sampling once, it’s probably nothing you’ll be knocking down the doors to get again.

8.7% abv.

B / $16 per six pack / stonebrewing.com

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Stone Jindia Pale Ale



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