Review: Nightshade Margarita Classic Lime

Review: Nightshade Margarita Classic Lime

Nightshade — officially “Nightshade Experience” is a new brand of ready-to-drink margaritas which are made from premium ingredients. The Classic Lime, reviewed here, includes blue agave silver tequila (not necessarily 100% blue agave tequila, mind you), triple sec, and lime — which is lumped in with “a unique mixture of natural flavors.”

The margarita — sampled on the rocks and otherwise unadulterated — is brisk and tastes authentic, the lime lacking any chemical overtones and the sweetness just about right, far from the sugar bombs that so many premixed margaritas taste like. There’s an herbal overtone — not entirely agave-like, but closer to thyme or rosemary — to all of this, which is perhaps responsible for a slightly bitter, lingering aftertaste.

While the bottle doesn’t exactly scream “premium,” note that Nightshade does command a premium price in this category — one that likely approaches the cost of making a premium margarita from scratch. Sure, there’s a surcharge for convenience, but still.

As for the quality of the four affiliated concoctions, including the “Choclarita,” well, you’re on your own.

30 proof.

B+ / $20

Nightshade Margarita Classic Lime




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