Review: St. Augustine Distillery Florida Double Cask Bourbon

Review: St. Augustine Distillery Florida Double Cask Bourbon

Florida-based St. Augustine’s craft bourbon starts with a mash bill of 60% regional corn, 22% malted barley, and 18% regional wheat. Per the company, “the grains are milled and mashed on site, and fermented with proprietary yeast strains in closed-top fermenters.” The barrels in this release range from 16 to 28 months old, and they’re aged “in a sequence of new 25-gallon and seasoned 53-gallon barrels” (i.e. the “double casks”). You may also note that former Maker’s Mark master distiller Dave Pickerell is a consultant here.

The nose is popcorn-grainy, with toasty overtones of barrel char and denser chimney soot. The palate softens up on all of this a little, offering clear notes of coffee grounds, match heads, and heavily toasted grains — before finally fading into a character that approaches something akin to a modern bourbon, with notes of vanilla and baking spice more clearly evident. The coffee character and its entre to sweeter elements make for some interesting points of exploration — though it’s impossible to shake the notion that, on the whole, this remains a bourbon that’s simply been bottled too young.

Perhaps a triple barrel is needed.

93.8 proof.

B- / $50 /

St. Augustine Distillery Florida Double Cask Bourbon




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  1. Bruce on April 16, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    I just visited the distillery last week and my thoughts were bottled WAY to early. Considering the grain bill this needs 48 more months in the cask for a 30.00 dollar a pint bourbon. I won’t even go into what they call vodka and Run. Both are made from sugar cane and the vodka is still only a strip and then spirit run. I guess it depends on what labels they have already printed to define if it is going to be run or vodka. They need to stick with rum and let the bourbon age.

  2. Sandy on July 24, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    Gotta agree . I bought a bottle of the Double Cask Bourbon in 2016 and it still now sits in the closet, not drinkable. Now their best distillery batch is their gins. Very drinkable and flavorable…..

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