Review: Mamont Siberian Vodka

Review: Mamont Siberian Vodka

If the woolly mammoth tusk-shaped bottle didn’t tip you off, Mamont is a Russian vodka — specifically a Siberian vodka, made at Itkul Distillery, the region’s oldest distillery. The vodka is produced from a mash of white winter wheat, distilled six times, and filtered through birch charcoal.

The results are fine, if short of anything earth-shattering. An immediate sweetness, complete with light caramel and vanilla notes, kicks things off, both on the nose and the palate. Added aromas of roasting grains-slash-popcorn and a touch of banana add nuance, while the palate features all of the above, plus a healthy level of hospital/solvent notes. The finish is clean, first sweet then slightly bitter, and relatively short.

All in all, I’d have no trouble using this as a high-end mixer, at least if you don’t find the Trump-caliber bottle styling to be a turnoff.

80 proof.


Mamont Siberian Vodka




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