Review: Belgarden Elderflower Beverage

Review: Belgarden Elderflower Beverage

Elderflower continues to rule as an incredibly popular and versatile cocktail ingredient, but short of St. Germain and a couple of other liqueurs, it’s difficult find a way to get it into your drink.

Belgarden offers a solution: a 100% organic, non-alcoholic beverage made with four ingredients: Belgian elderflower, agave nectar, lemon juice, and water. The result is a non-carbonated beverage that offers a solid elderflower character without any booze.

The drink is a capable and authentic elderflower experience, offering that unmistakably sweet yet herbal, lychee-like note right from the start. Midway in the similarly unmistakable flavor of agave — lightly pungent with a heavier earthy quality — comes to the fore, and it soon comes to dominate the experience, heading to a lingering aftertaste that dulls some of the crisp fruitiness of the elderflower proper.

That said, it’s a great option for adding this singular flavor to a beverage without having to also add alcohol at the same time.

B+ / $8 per 750ml bottle

Belgarden Elderflower Beverage




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