Review: Boardroom Vodka and Gin

Review: Boardroom Vodka and Gin


Now that Trump Vodka is defunct, what is a discerning CEO to use to make his martini? Might I suggest Boardroom Vodka or Gin? Seems like the perfect thing to sip on before you utter, “You’re fired.”

Boardroom Spirits is a new company that hails from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, where it distills its white spirits from a mash of 100% non-GMO corn in a column still. (Additional spirits, not reviewed here, are both in production and planned.)

We tasted the two big guns from Boardroom to get things started.

Both are 80 proof.

Boardroom Vodka – Clean nose, very medicinal — almost nostril-scorching with its strong hospital character. On the palate the vodka is less overwhelming, giving up some sweetness and a touch of popcorn character, slightly nougat-like on the back end. Otherwise, it’s quite straightforward and neutral, with very little in the way of secondary character. With a foot in both the old world and the new, it’s an unusual vodka, though not one without some measure of both charm and versatility. B+ / $20

Boardroom Gin – Billed as “the non-gin drinker’s gin,” botanicals are not disclosed. Aromas run heavily to lemon and grapefruit, with floral honeysuckle notes following along. On the palate, it offers some of the same sweet notes as the vodka, which tempers the fruit and flowers, but the finish is quite clean, fading out with just a hint of citrus. I’m sure this is billed as a “non-gin drinker’s gin” because of its distinct lack of juniper, which is present to some degree but really dialed back to the point where it largely comes across as an element in the finish. The pungency of the botanicals feel very gin-like, however, and I expect both gin drinkers and non- will find it appealing. B+ / $27

Boardroom Vodka




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  1. Eli on November 3, 2016 at 7:37 am

    Ugh…Trump vodka. That stuff was pretty bad (like rubbing alcohol that was spilled on a hospital floor, mopped up and ringed out into bottles then labeled as vodka). Almost as bad as Trump wine (on a blind tasting I had to spit this swill out).
    To be fair there are a lot of bad vodkas and wines out there. But the signature of the Trump brand is to take a sub-standard product then put it in a fancy bottle decorated with the Trump name and charge a premium price.

  2. Allen on December 28, 2018 at 6:44 am

    Received a bottle of Boardroom Gin for Christmas. For a gin drinker, I do not like juniper, so I loved this gin. Its up front fruity taste and very subdued juniper taste make this a fine sipping gin. I have not tried it in any cocktails. The lack of strong juniper will certainly change the flavor of some cocktails. Will find out.

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