A Visit to Anchor Distilling’s New Tasting Room

A Visit to Anchor Distilling’s New Tasting Room


Anchor Brewing is icon of San Francisco, dating back to 1896. Of more recent advent is Anchor’s distilling arm, which got going only in 1993. A funny thing, though: Anchor Distilling is on pace next year to match Anchor Brewing on a revenue basis, the new kid done good in the end.

The brainchild of Fritz Maytag, Anchor Distilling got going in highly unusual fashion (its original goal was to produce 100% straight rye, which the company still makes today), and eventually it added on a number of gins and a hop-flavored vodka (its most recent addition).

Now, in a rooftop bungalow that was formerly Maytag’s one-bedroom apartment, Anchor has opened a tasting room where six of its distilled products, all produced on site, can be sampled. The tasting is seated and led by a professional (a local bartender in my group) who walks novices and pros through the ins and outs of tasting spirits and identifying the nuances among them.

The $35 experience runs on Thursdays and Fridays, and reservations are required. Check it out! (Photos from the brewery, the jam-packed distillery (not open to visitors), and the rooftop tasting room and gardens can all be found below.)

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