Review: Saint James Cuvee 1765 Rhum Vieux Agricole

Review: Saint James Cuvee 1765 Rhum Vieux Agricole

SAINT JAMES - Cuvée 1765Saint James is a massive Martinique rum operation with dozens of product offerings in its vast lineup. Oddly, few of them seem common on U.S. shores, though that may slowly be changing as the distillery’s footprint grows larger.

Cuvee 1765 is the company’s latest offering, bottled to commemorate the company’s 250th anniversary. There’s no real product information to offer here — or rather, it’s all written in French on the neck tag on the bottle — but as with most of these types of releases, it’s clearly a barrel selection of older rums fit for the big occasion that have been put into a fancy bottle.

Saint James Cuvee 1765 offers a quite heated nose, pungent with traditional agricole notes — hot rubber and asphalt, but balanced with burnt sugar and some nutty notes. On the palate, the rum opens up while maintaining that agricole funkiness at its core. Light brown sugar and caramel, some flambéed banana, pungent vegetal notes, and a lengthy, cane-driven sweetness that endures for quite awhile. There’s ample alcohol here, but Cuvee 1765 is warming without being hot, decidedly of the earth without being “green.”

All told, it’s a fine example of a moderately-aged rhum agricole that showcases the uniqueness of this style of rum — and a spirit that is fun to explore as you both sip and mix with it.

84 proof.

B+ / $57

Saint James Cuvee 1765 Rhum Vieux Agricole




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