Review: Afrohead Aged Rum XO 15 Years Old

Review: Afrohead Aged Rum XO 15 Years Old

Afrohead XO - Front

Last year Afrohead Rum, a capable 7 year old, hit the scene. Today we turn out head toward Afrohead XO, a 15 year old blend from the same Bahamas-based distillery (bottled in Barbados) and featuring the same afro-headed mascot on the bottle.

As with its forebear, Afrohead XO showcases a somewhat rustic and simplistic style. On the nose, some petrol notes are cut with cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, some coffee, and a touch of banana. Light acetone notes emerge with time, but they aren’t overt enough to make a huge impact. On the palate, gentle caramels lead into a touch of orange oil, some overripe apple notes, and a bit of petrol, all on a moderately light body. Overall balance is iffy, but fair enough. The coffee character from the nose makes a resurgence in time, with dusky cloves and dark chocolate dusting the finish.

The rum holds together well, but it lacks the density of flavor and the silky body that makes old rum so compelling. What’s here works well enough, but it’s tough to see this standing out against other products in this price class.

Update: Price cut from $60 to $45, which improves its attractiveness.

86 proof.


Afrohead Aged Rum XO 15 Years Old




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  1. Francine Williams on December 13, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    I have been on a search for your rum and I can’t seem to find it in NC, I will be returning to NY and would like know what locations that carry this afrohead rum. Thank you !!

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