Review: Highland Queen Blended Scotch 3 Years Old

highland_queen__68997_origProduced by the same parent company that owns the Tullibardine single malt distillery, this young blend drinks right about where you’d expect, considering its sub-$20 pedigree and obvious youth.

The nose is initially a little odd — hot, but — and stick with me for this — with a funky yet crystal-clear tomato sauce character. It isn’t exactly off-putting, but it does seems wildly out of place. On the palate, things at least settle down a little. Notes of iodine, burnt sugar, licorice, and mothballs alternately arise over the course of a session, none making much of an impact. The finish is laden with camphor and vague vegetal notes.

Generally safe to pass unless the rock bottom price tag is appealing.

80 proof.

C- / $16 /

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  1. Torch Cigar Bar February 28, 2016 / 10:52 pm

    Review like this helps us decide if what kind of drink taste better and which one we should try. Thanks for the review of the highland queen blended scotch. Personally, I’m a fan of scotches, punches and cocktail drinks and whenever I heard a kind of it, I make sure to have my own research about it before I tried to have a taste of it. Thanks a lot.

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