Review: Wines of CrossBarn by Paul Hobbs, 2015 Releases

Review: Wines of CrossBarn by Paul Hobbs, 2015 Releases

crossbarnWe’ve covered the wines of Paul Hobbs in the past, but this year we look at a larger collection of five offerings. Thoughts? Here they come!

2014 CrossBarn by Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Sonoma Coast – Fresh and easygoing, blending tropical notes with gingerbread cookies up front. The finish is creamy and caramel-focused, but it’s not overwhelming with this sweetness. Some light herbal notes add nuance on the back end. A letdown. B / $25

2014 CrossBarn by Paul Hobbs Sauvignon Blanc Sonoma Coast – Big and bright, punctuated with citrus and some fresh herbs — thyme and a touch of fresh cinnamon. The finish fades to a less distinctly acidic character, offering some chewiness and a bit of brown sugar — but all of that actually makes CrossBarn’s sauvignon blanc quite food-friendly, compared to most of the enamel-stripping examples of California sauvignon blanc out there. B+ / $25

2014 CrossBarn by Paul Hobbs Rose of Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast – Quite dry, perfumed with notes of both roses and white flowers. Gentle raspberry and strawberry notes dust the palate, but it’s far from overly fruited. Pretty and food-friendly but a bit underwhelming. B / $19

2013 CrossBarn by Paul Hobbs Pinot Noir Anderson Valley – Excellent representation of Anderson Valley pinot, including bright cherry fruit, a dusting of spice, and gentle vanilla notes. A moderate, balanced body makes this approachable from all sides — summer sipping or enjoying alongside a steak — a real versatile player in any cellar. Stock up. A- / $35

2013 CrossBarn by Paul Hobbs Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast – Nice and spice up front, with black pepper at play with blackberry notes. Some dusky baking spice emerges, offering cloves and some slight, bitter root notes. A dusting of sweetness on the back end complements what has come before, a little vanilla and citrus add layers of complexity atop a solid pinot noir. A- / $35

2013 CrossBarn by Paul Hobbs Pinot Noir Anderson Valley




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  1. Jordan on September 1, 2015 at 9:01 am

    Gingerbread cookies? Definitely sounds like a wine to satisfy a sweet tooth. Thanks for the excellent review!

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