Review: Squeal Go Pig Spiced Black Rum

Review: Squeal Go Pig Spiced Black Rum

squeal go pig rum

If nothing else: Points for a creative name.

Squeal Go Pig is a Colorado-produced spiced rum (it is produced by a private label distiller on behalf of the SGP folks), but apparently the “Go Pig” is optional. Just call it Squeal and you’ll be fine. It’s spiced, very dark rum — they call it black rum — though it’s unlikely this rum has significant age on it. No doubt, there is significant caramel color here.

The nose is surprisingly fresh — more brown sugar than deep molasses — with a slightly raisiny note that lends it a bit of a Port aroma (not a bad thing). On the palate it’s sweet but not overwhelming. Fruit jam hits the palate first — plums and cooked peaches — plus more raisin and prune character. The spice component is relatively underplayed, with the predominant notes of cloves and anise giving the rum a bit of the essence of sweet licorice candy.

It adds up to a dangerous combination — and one which doesn’t drink like an overproof spirit but rather a more easygoing one. Whoa, 90 proof? Better watch yourself or you really will “go pig or go home.” Oink!

90 proof.

A- / $29

Squeal Go Pig Spiced Black Rum




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  1. Anonymous on August 7, 2023 at 11:07 pm

    Let start that I am not a person of any kind of serious mind in evaluating dark spiced rum…..with that said
    I have taken a sabbatical from alcohol spirits. So I know
    My palate is clean….I live in Vegas….visited Lees liquor
    A long interval…perspective….. it is on sale
    Bought 3 bottles….
    I had to look y’all up and see that it is a slated for $29
    I bought 3 in case, meee not any other, and I said I would just myself for not buying more in case I Loved it.
    If you want honesty….and I am sorry and insightful!
    I hope you think so……
    This is a rum that’s not aged in balanced notes…..
    If you keep it the way it is….which if I had the palate of my husband, whom smokes cigars along with the sipping nature….if this was introduced that way
    Would be Devine! The oak barrel is the for most note that singularly speaks…it is interesting and for me a
    Heart towards Rum that comes from a friend…..
    Isn’t that the most interesting part for me…….

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