Recipe: National Pisco Sour Day 2015

Recipe: National Pisco Sour Day 2015

Did you know that America has a national day dedicated to the national cocktail of… Peru? We do, and it’s this Saturday (February 7)! For anyone here not Pisco savvy or Peruvian, we’ve got a whole backlog of Pisco profiles for your perusal, but here’s a recipe to get you started on your way to celebrating. Got a favorite Pisco cocktail? Share it with us!

PiscoPorton Pisco Sour
2 oz. Pisco Portón
1 oz. fresh lime juice
1 oz. simple syrup
1 oz. egg whites
Dash of Angostura bitters

Add all ingredients in a blender. Blend on high for 15 seconds, add 5 cubes of ice, and then pulse in the blender 5 times. Strain up into a glass. Garnish with 3 drops of Angostura bitters.

Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.


  1. Cristian on February 19, 2015 at 10:24 am

    National cocktail of Perú or Chile? who knows anymore…

  2. Bill @ The Cocktail Novice on March 15, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    I recently discovered the Pisco Sour and it’s definitely unique.

    I prefer the simplicity of a shaker, but otherwise your recipe is right on!

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