Review: Stone Go To IPA

Review: Stone Go To IPA

Stone GoToIPA_Hero_WebThe problem (for some) with IPA: The alcohol level is through the roof. Finish off a bottle and you’re done for the night.

Solution: Stone’s new Go To IPA, which offers brisk hop flavors while clocking in at just 4.5% abv. The name is a play on words, not just that this should be your “go to” beer, but also you can “go two” when you sit down with them.

The beer is made with a technique known as “hop bursting,” in which a large amount of hops are added to the very end of the brewing process to infuse extra hop flavor along with some of the bitterness that IPA is known for. The results are interesting, even if they don’t result in my favorite beer. The nose starts off with big hop notes, but there’s an undercurrent of skunkiness that comes across right away. The body is hugely piney, with an almost vegetal character to it. This quickly turns earthy, almost muddy, with a finish that isn’t so much brisk as it is simply and vaguely bitter. It’s fine, but not overly memorable.

I like that Stone’s trying to dial back the alcohol but keep the power of the hops in the forefront, but I think I’d rather just drink half of much “real” IPA…

B / $10 per six-pack /

Stone Go To IPA




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  1. Eric on April 26, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    Went to a party couple of weekends ago with two six packs. Specifically picked out this Stone GO TO IPA and Founder’s All Day IPA. Your tasting notes are right on about the Stone. I found myself enjoying the Founder’s more. It’s similar in that it’s a lo alcohol level as well. I found the All Day IPA to have a more “clean” taste finish, rather than the longer lingering skunk finish that the Stone has. Check out Founders here:

  2. Christopher Null on April 26, 2014 at 5:57 pm

    Eric – indeed, we have Founder’s All Day IPA in the pipeline for review shortly!

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