Review: Liqueurs of Vietnam’s Son Tinh

Review: Liqueurs of Vietnam’s Son Tinh

son tinh boxAnd now for something completely different…

Son Tinh is a liqueur producer based in Vietnam. The company makes a wide range of spirits, including a shochu-style liqueur, bitters, and fruit-based liqueurs. At present the company makes 11 products, 6 of which we (miraculously) got to sample, delivered via an awesome, custom-made wooden crate straight from Vietnam!

Here’s a look at the nearly full lineup. Son Tinh’s liqueurs are slowly making their way to stores — the company did win Distillery of the Year at the New York International Spirits Competition in 2013 — with wholesale pricing of between $9 and $16 per 450ml bottle. Availability is expected in late 2014.

Meanwhile, thoughts follow.

son tinh minh mangSon Tinh Nep Phu Loc – A clear sticky rice liqueur similar to shochu. Fragrant, grassy nose. Moderately sweet on the tongue, similar to a western-style vodka, with some marshmallow/nougat notes and a slightly earthy undertone. Simple and quite pleasing, could be used interchangeably with either shochu or vodka as a base spirit in cocktails. 76 proof. A-

Son Tinh Minh Mang –  A light amber herbal liqueur that boasts 19 ingredients, matured from 3 to 5 years before bottling. Intense and immediately pungent, with a nose of bitter roots, dirt, and Thai basil. The body hints at sweetness before delving back into a hefty bitter character, dense with licorice, burnt orange peel, and more tough root character. A bit of a tough slog, even for amaro lovers. 76 proof. C

Son Tinh Nhat Da – A dark brown herbal bitters matured from 3 to 5 years, the name means “one night.” Complex nose of coffee grounds, licorice, tar, and burnt lemongrass. The body is overwhelmingly bitter (plus a touch of that unavoidable sour edge), offering intense licorice and absolutely blackened coffee character. Strong and punchy, it never lets up with even a hint of sweetness to even things out. I’d say you’d get used to it, but you won’t. 76 proof. C

Son Tinh Chanh Leo – Passion fruit liqueur. Pale gold, some edgy sour fruit notes on the nose. The body is full of sour apple and pear notes, with candied lemons and dried mango character. It’s a bit scattered, falling back on a brewed tea character before a modestly bitter finish takes hold. 54 proof. B-

Son Tinh Mo Vang – Apricot liqueur. Deep amber, with musky perfume on the nose. A taste on the tongue arrives with a rush of sugar… before cascading into an intensely sour experience. The apricot is initially vivid, but leaves an aftertaste of bitter roots and fruit vinegar. 54 proof. B

Son Tinh Tao Meo – Rose apple liqueur, based on the rare fruit of the rose plant. On the nose, a mix of fruit and flowers, as the name would imply. More perfume than fruit, and blessedly dialed back on that sour character. What remains is a somewhat Madeira-like spirit with notes of raspberry and rose petals. 54 proof. B+

Son Tinh Nep Phu Loc




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  1. Jack Bullard on January 20, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    Son Tinh is an amazing product that I have had the privilege of enjoying time and time again… In a country where rough, potent and unsavoury rice wine is the prominent product, Son Tinh Premium liquors are a true treat.

    My favourites change from month to month, but I very much enjoy the tartness of Chang Leo in a heated glass while I find myself ordering Mo Vang with its sweetness, poured over plenty of ice in the warmer Hanoi months.

    I recommend everyone takes the chance to try some of these delicious drinks as soon as possible!!

  2. ninapaula on January 20, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    My personal favourite is Movang on the Rocks. It reminds me of sunny afternoons and of warm summer’s breeze.
    On ice, I think it’s another version of whisky sour (without the cherry), and a perfect ladies’ drink!

  3. Pierre Biard on January 20, 2014 at 7:59 pm

    As far as i can remember, since i’m Vietman, i fall under the charm of Ruau ( Zio ). The traditional rice wine from Vietnam. Son Tinh work on Ruau reveal me how it could be flavorful and powerful at the same time. Son Tinh Premium Liquors could be rough as the northern climate, as it could be sweet as a smile for people there.

    My heart is balancing between that, and tell my favorite one is to complicated. So my selection could be Son Tinh Nhat Da and Son Tinh Chanh Leo for appreciating the two sides.

  4. Edward Redd on March 13, 2021 at 5:24 pm

    Where can I find Son Tinh Minh Mang in the US

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