Review: Wild Turkey Spiced

Review: Wild Turkey Spiced

Wild Turkey Spiced Bottle Shot

Spiced rum? Old news. Spiced whiskey is the future, bringing all the goodies of the baking cabinet to Kentucky’s finest.

Wild Turkey is the latest to get into this game, bringing the traditional islandesque spices you’ll find adorning Captain Morgan and the rest of his crew to the world of Bourbon. There’s not a lot of information about the underlying Bourbon here — it’s standard Wild Turkey, but bottled at 86 proof with no age statement to be found (not surprising, of course). There’s not a lot of information about the spiced, either — only “spice and other natural flavors” are noted on the label — but a cursory taste reveals cinnamon and cloves, plus more vanilla than you’d expect from a Bourbon of this pedigree.

In fact, the nose is all vanilla, all the time — it’s so thick it comes across as a little bit synthetic, a common problem in vanilla-infused spirits. The palate offers more to play with, a baking spice character that, for once, doesn’t bury its base spirit in sugar. Here the cinnamon/clove mix is evident — maybe even a little ginger in there? — but Wild Turkey’s deep wood character doesn’t get drowned out. It’s with you from start to finish, both imbuing the front of the palate with some depth and providing a long, lightly smoky/bacony finish that reminds you you’re drinking whiskey and not rum.

Sure, this isn’t a product I’d likely sip straight, but i can see myriad opportunities to work with it in punches, holiday cocktails, and hot drinks. Worth a shot at this price.

86 proof.

B / $23 

Wild Turkey Spiced




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