Review: Serata Amaretto di Peimonte

Review: Serata Amaretto di Peimonte

Serata AmarettoIs amaretto coming back? This is our third new amaretto review in the last year. Almonds, people. It’s what’s for after dinner.

Serata, produced in Piedmont by Fratelli Francoli, is a slightly lighter style of amaretto. The nose is heavy with marzipan but also tinged with oranges, too. On the body, that thick syrup character you get with most amarettos is tempered to some degree. It’s still mouth-filling, but not quite as chewy as you find in less polished versions of the classic spirit.

The body follows alongside the nose — almond extract with oranges bringing up the rear. I also get hints of vanilla, pistachio, and some chocolate character, too. It’s all very fulfilling, well balanced and, while not exactly delicate (I don’t think that’s possible for an amaretto), it’s refined to the point where I could actually drink it as a digestif. Almonds it is!

48 proof.

B+ / $20 /

Serata Amaretto di Peimonte




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