Review: Thatcher’s Vodka

Review: Thatcher’s Vodka

thatchers vodkaThatcher’s has long been a purveyor of some tasty liqueurs, but now it’s expanding into harder stuff, namely vodka.

As the name indicates, Thatcher’s is an organic vodka. Made from North America grains in Barrington, Illinois, no additional data is provided on distillation (column, one presumes) or filtration.

Nice little vodka. Sweet, but not overly so — driven by ample fruit character, actually. There’s significant apple and elderflower character throughout this spirit. The nose is mild but offers hints of both of the above. The body drinks easy, with that apple character fading to some mildly earthy/vegetal notes — there’s almost a hint of green pepper, with just a little bit of bite, on the back end. I also get hints of vanilla here and there, particularly up front, after it spends some time opening up with exposure to air. Lots going on, and for the most part it works together harmoniously — though it’s a far cry from your Eastern Bloc style of vodka-making.

All in all, it’s a very nice and affordable vodka. I’d apply it primarily toward more fruit-based cocktails.

80 proof.

B+ / $20 /

Thatcher's Vodka




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